David (prosper0) wrote in cum_on_this,

Can I Have It?

Name: David
Age: 30
Location: Lancashire, UK
Sexuality: Bi
Marital Status: Single

Five favorite musical artists: Manics, Editors, Morrissey, White Stripes, The Gossip
Five favorite books: Carter beats the Devil, Little Friend, Oryx and Crake, Boulevard of Broken Dreams, Alice
Five favorite movies: Amelie, Get Carter, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Hot Fuzz, Rear Window
Sexiest actress/actor: Ella Smith
Favorite color and why: Grey... cos its half black, half white :)
Favorite place and why: My old University... lots of happy and promiscuous memories
Favorite drink: Stella
Favorite womens/mens scent: semen :)

Your opinion on...
Drugs: Not as good as orgasms so whats the point?
Alcohol: Great to get a party started.
Violence in the media: Acceptable, just dont be so hypocritical about it.
Government: Bollocks.
Homosexuality: Boring.. i wish everyone were bi!
Gay marriage: Boring.. who'd want to get married to just 1 person??
Masturbation: Wonderful... exciting... best way to get intimate with a new lover (or old friend:)
Self-mutilation: Sad, especially that it's the last resort for so many people :(
Religion: Stupid.
Capital punishment: Dangerous. We'd need to be SURE before we killed someone.
War: pathetic, and probably all down to people not getting enuff sex
Trends: Interesting, but i never follow them
Vegetarians: They're missing out.

Have you ever had...
Sex: yes :)
Oral Sex: yup
Gay Sex: yes
Anal Sex: uh uh (given and taken:)
Threesome: yup
Orgy: no :(
Facial: yes (given and taken ..biggest load was three guys ;)
Other: other? what, like bdsm? (yes) sex in public (yes)

What is your...
Biggest desire or fantasy: To be fucked by a guy while i'm fucking a girl
Biggest fear or concern: That my date on Saturday next is gonna be boring
Worst life moment: Being dumped by my ex (boo hoo, get over it)
Best life moment: In a Bangor hotel room, fucking two BBW :)

edit: 3 pics
i'm still updating my Photobucket, so here are the nearest three pics to hand!:)
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
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