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Lick It From My Lips
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This community rates on originality, sexuality, and how much we want to give you a facial.


1.) Fill out your application, following any guidelines. Do not leave questions unanswered, they are there for a reason.
2.) Do not vote on anything until you are stamped. Once you are stamped, you may vote on any entries posted after your own.
3.) You may defend yourself in order to clarify any misunderstandings.
4.) Don't whine about a member's decision. If you're going to apply, you'd better be able to handle criticism. We're here to be petty and shallow, you should be too.
5.) Post your entry within 48 hours of joining.
6.) New members must have the phrase "Can I have it" as their subject.
7.) If you are rejected, you may reapply as many times as you want whenever you want -- to a certain extent, of course. If you're just being annoying, plan on being banned. Members who reapply must have the phrase "Please once more" in their subject.
8.) All pictures and applications must be behind an LJ cut -- <*lj-cut*> and <*/lj-cut*>
9.) If you do something wrong (forget the LJ-cut, forget to add your pictures, whatever) you can go and change it -- in fact, please do.
10.) You don't have to be a nympho to join, everyone is welcome, so long as you have an open mind.
11.) You must post at least 3 clear pictures of yourself in your application. Please no Photoshopped images.
12.) In at least one picture you must be holding a piece of paper, or whatever, with your username on it. This will prevent users from posting fake pictures.
13.) Once you are stamped, you may post pictures of things other than yourself. You're more than welcome to share your photography and other artwork with us.
14.) People of any age may apply.
15.) Before you apply, you must invite three other LiveJournal members to join.
16.) Please bold the questions and unbold your answers in your application. This makes it less annoying and easier to read. The code for this is: <*b> type here <*/b> voila.
17.) DO NOT delete any comments, no matter what they say. Only mods and myself can decide whether something is inappropriate. Do not go back and change your entry because of a few no votes. Deal with it. If you delete anything you will be banned.
18.) Honesty is the most important thing to keep in mind while applying. Don't be ashamed of anything you have to say -- the more original your opinions are, the more respect I have for you to share them.
19.) If/when you are accepted, please participate as much as possible. If I feel you're just taking up space, I will warn you, once. If you don't remove yourself or participate more, I will ban you. There is no room for slackers. These warnings will be issued in your livejournal. I am not going to waste my time instant messaging you, e-mailing you, or waiting for you to get online to give you a fucking warning. If this is a problem then either stay active or don't join. Period.
20.) Majority rules. In the event of a tie, I will be the one who decides - and if there is a tie, I may very well change my vote.
21.) If a member thinks that another member should not be in the community, post an entry saying why you think they should be kicked out, and there will be a vote.
22.) Please refrain from promoting other communities until approved by a moderator. Sister community requestes will be considered.
23.) When I think enough members have voted or if a few days go by then you'll get your stamp. Be patient.
24.) Please do not post links to your pictures. Just take the extra step and put them in your application.
25.) Finally, have fun and don't take this shit so seriously.

The Application

Marital Status:

Five favorite musical artists:
Five favorite books:
Five favorite movies:
Sexiest actress/actor:
Favorite color and why:
Favorite place and why:
Favorite drink:
Favorite womens/mens scent:

Your opinion on...
Violence in the media:
Gay marriage:
Capital punishment:

Have you ever had...
Oral Sex:
Gay Sex:
Anal Sex:

What is your...
Biggest desire or fantasy:
Biggest fear or concern:
Worst life moment:
Best life moment:

[3 or more pictures go here. Good luck!]